Create a Multi-National Task Force against terrorism around the world

I am calling on the government to work with the Untied Nations (UN) to form a Multi-National Military Force to act against terrorism around the world with force.

I believe that if we hit terrorist wherever they are in the world and with overwhelming force,with the support of the local government and people, this will prevent terrorist organisations from being able to gain footholds and plan attacks.

I also believe the force should be lead by a Military Commander, with experience of fighting terrorism and insurgency, this commander should be one all members of the force agree upon, the force should only be answerable to only to the UN.

The budget for the force should be agreed upon by the all members of the force with each member paying a percentage of the budget.

I believe this forces first operation should be to combat IS (Islamic State) and any terrorist organisation who have links to or have allegiances to IS.

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Steven Crouch

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Friday 13 March 2015

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Monday 30 March 2015

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