Create a nationwide system for family of friends to have an addicted gambler banned from all casinos without their permission

In short, we are requesting the government to create a database of addicted gamblers based on recommendations from family and friends. We are also requesting government to create regulation to force casinos to continuously check their members' details against this database and, as a result, refuse and or cancel membership and or refuse entry.

Currently, an addicted gambler can only be made aware to a casino of being an addicted gambler if the addicted gambler himself/herself alerts the casino of their problem. This is a completely ludicrous rule. It would be extremely rare for a heroin addict to approach his/her dealer and request the supply be stopped.

Casinos like heroin suppliers profit from the addiction of their customers. The most highly addicted customers are the best customers and, therefore, casinos will always make sure it doesn't discourage the addicted gamblers.

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Tuesday 18 March 2014

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Tuesday 24 March 2015