Create new laws around letting agents to ensure students don’t get overcharged

Many students get overcharged when leaving their properties because it is very easy to become blinded by the confusion of the big wide world. I want laws to be changed so landlords/letting agents cannot try to charge ridiculous prices for basic things like cleaning and painting.

I have been charged over £1000 for leaving my property after my 2nd year at University for just cleaning, gardening and painting. I have started a Facebook petition reaching out to other students and so far I have over 300 cases. I feel that it’s too easy for students to fall into these traps and accept these charges, as we do not understand the full breakdown of these costs. There needs to be a law to ban landlords and letting agents charging more than 10% mark up on services at the end of tenancies. Students are being exploited.

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Amy Patricia Kedwards

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Wednesday 10 October 2018

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Tuesday 9 April 2019

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