Create/Amend laws to protect those who share files/media online as long as they don't make profit

Although it is generally agreed that the sale of copyrighted materials and intellectual property without the owner’s consent should be outlawed, the right of an individual to share media for no financial gain should be protected in law. Society has already set the precedent that it wants things for free. It will only pay for hard copy's/originals to support artists after the final product has been inspected, and then only if reward is due. The digital economy act’s attempt to prevent the now superfluous publishers from losing money, by educating the masses, is either misguided or perhaps suggests foul play by those that let is pass. May we remind you, you should not be educating the electorate; your role is to make the laws in line with what society feels is acceptable! As such, we demand that parliament immediately repeals all elements of the digital economy act relating to file sharing and replace them with laws to protect individuals sharing media

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Francis Hennigan

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Wednesday 17 August 2011

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Thursday 15 March 2012

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