Creation of a House of Academics

Bad decisions are been made all across government, because they do not have the experience in the field that they are making choices on. There is a solution that creates a new house between the two current houses. This House will be made up of people who lead their trade and who have had years of experience. They can only be voted in by members of their trade and it is they who make the decisions about what happens to their trade. Members of this House who represent the most important areas of the country such as the NHS, banking and education should be granted seats in the cabinet and should replace the current members that hold those positions. The Commons should represent the view of the public while the proposed house should represent the views of the skilled worker. Why have a politician making decisions about the NHS when you could have a health professional with twenty five years experience and the support of their trade making those crucial, possibly life saving choices.

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Mr David Jones

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Wednesday 22 May 2013

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Friday 23 May 2014

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