Criminal defamation of character made a criminal offence

We all depend on our good character to be able to obtain employment and enjoy normal social interaction.
No-one wants to employ a criminal, a terrorist, a paedophile or a drug pusher or to have anything to do with such socially. At present if someone spreads these slanders it is not a criminal offence even though it is quite obvious that such rumours can destroy your life. Slander is classed as a Tort and you would need to identify the source and take out a civil action - at your own expense. To obtain the evidence needed you would also need to employ a private detective. Obviously the law as it exists provides no protection for anyone who is not enormously wealthy. Criminal defamation of character - accusing someone of being a criminal when they are not - MUST be defined as a criminal act so that the police can investigate and the slanderers be identified as the criminals they are.

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Margaret Clair McCleary (nee Agnew)

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Friday 4 April 2014

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Saturday 4 April 2015

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