cut all immigration benefits

amongst all the cuts the uk residents are facing along with the new cuts has of 1/4/12 i put to you a cut in all immigration benefits for people from other countries coming to live in the uk.
also to end the "hardship payments" & "free food stamps" to said people has the hardship was in their own country, not in the uk. we have enough uk residents that have hardship issues but do not get any sort of government help, I.E. homeless soldiers that served their country, elderly that penny pinch with heating while immigrants blaze their heating and lights day & night.
our country is suffering due to the relaxed way our government is "giving in" to immigrants coming to dwell in the uk, the "coffers" are empty because our government see's fit to provide said people with luxuries, mansions etc that a uk resident can only dream of.
please sort this out and put the great back in to britain.
thank you
James Dagless

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james dagless

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Monday 1 April 2013

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Wednesday 3 July 2013

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