David Cameron: Resign as Prime Minister after hypocritical tax avoidance actions

It took a leaked document before he said anything.
It took 5 different public announcements to get a (more) honest response about his tax benefits/offshore fund investments.
He lobbied against regulation of offshore funds.
He said those dodging tax were immoral.
He is immoral;

Who paid for Cameron's education? And how did they pay for it (given they were using offshore investment funds)?
Who gave Cameron the money that has allowed him to buy his house which he now rents out, earning £45k?
Cameron has openly spoken out for transparency YET now publicly is being shown that he has acted as opaquely as he possibly can.

Britain deserves an honest leader who does not acts under such dire standards and hypocrisy.

Help Britain to remove Cameron as PM.
Resign David Cameron.

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Friday 15 April 2016

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