Death penalty for woolwich murders (treason)

On 22/5/13 an innocent man was attacked and killed violently on a street in london (woolwich) in broad daylight for being in or supporting the British army . ( or being British looking )

The two suspects where seen by dozens of witnesses stabbing the victim multiple times all for one reason to cause terror and stir racial hatred in Britain and to cause as heard in one suspects words "a war on britains streets ".

Lets not let these vile human beings breathe the same air we do and bring back the death penalty it's already 100% proven that they are guilty and a big message needs sending out that this behaviour is unacceptable in Britain ,

The world is watching us lets take strong action and not become the easy PC farce that has got is into this mess in the first place .

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Chris perry

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Thursday 23 May 2013

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