Debate the rich poor divide, media bias and its effects on fear of immigration

We want parliament to move debates beyond the fear of migration and what to do about it. To the socio-economic background within which this fear is being nurtured and what to do about that. Including media coverage of the topic, tax avoidance-depriving the UK of revenue & the growing rich/ poor gap.

Open and forward thinking discussion is urgently needed to re-dress the in balance of the economics of globalisation, money markets and the effects of private lobbying within Westminster by big business and private individuals. Trickle down is not working and wealth is pooling upwards instead. Leaving fewer resources for ever greater numbers of people world wide. I believe this is a root cause for the current fear of immigration in the UK which is being fuelled by facets of invested media.

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Kerry evans

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Friday 15 July 2016

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Saturday 14 January 2017

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