Defend Free Speech in UK: Repeal Section 127 of Communications Act 2003

Matthew Woods' jokes at the expense of missing child April Jones were in horrendous taste. Likewise Barry Thew's abusive T-shirt, which made a mockery of the tragic deaths of two police officers in Manchester.
Their actions display a level of insensitivity that cannot be defended. What they did was grossly offensive.
But their imprisonment is wrong.
All Britons deserve the freedom to air their views in public, without fear of recrimination. Of course, we should be protected from threat of violence, malicious dishonesty and divisive slurs against minorities. But neither Woods nor Thew made threats or committed hate crimes. They made jokes in terrible taste.
It is absolutely NOT the role of the government to decide what is and isn't amusing, moral, immoral or offensive.
This talibanisation of British society and culture by Section 127of the 2003 Communications Act, and other laws that establish the state as an ill-defined moral compass must be stopped and reversed.

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Jason Mitra

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Monday 15 October 2012

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