We need to stop cutting down trees, not just in the rainforest, but here in the UK. People need to stop thinking about the short term, and look at the long term, there isn't much time left, before we will see animals become extinct in our lifetime. The best way to fight climate change and pollution is to stop deforestation and plant more trees. I can't really say it any better than this video, which shows the effect of deforestation via the eyes of a primate:

If you care please sign, not just for your children/grandchildren, but for all the other unique life that is on this planet, once it is gone it is gone for good. Money isn't everything, the wildlife that has evolved on this planet is priceless and worth more than a quick economic fix. Like the story of the Lorax, when the last tree falls, so do we.

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Richard Cuthbertson

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Tuesday 12 February 2013

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Friday 14 February 2014

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