Deport anjem choudary for his radicalims and extreemism influining British culture

Deportation / imprisonment of Anjem Choudary he is instrumental in the radicilastion of numerous seeking jihad in the UK. The murder of Lee Rigby was a perfect demonstration of the outcome of his hate for "infidels / non muslims!
His role in ISIS - radicalising recruiting British muslims to fight in Syria even more so for the safety of the British people with the threats on our lives!
The numerous people seeking Jihad in the UK because of Anjem Choudary is not acceptable and does nothing to project the public yet he has the freedom to preach his hate, recruit + radicalise.
He is on benefits, + encourages all muslims to seek "jihadseekers allowance"! (job seekers) & we the public should not have to fund his terrorist acts!
He does not belong nor respect our country he wants Sharia Law in the UK, he wants jihadi on our lives!
Protect the public + concerns for our future then hear this ...
I call to deport Anjem Choudary from the UK!

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Joshua Abrahams

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Tuesday 23 September 2014

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