Derestrict motorways and dual carriageways

The below signed propose that the speed limits on Britain's motorways should be abolished. However only on the condition that an advised speed limit is in place and if you have an accident and are proved to be going over the advised speed then your insurance is void. Advantages for this are: businesses can travel faster and carry out more meetings in a day, time is not wasted stuck at 70, most business people take no notice if they are late or just want to get there, de-congestion, if vehicles are travelling faster then the chances of a queue is minimised, HOWEVER HGV, trailers and coaches should not be allowed in the outside lane (slow vehicles cause accidents). Also, high speed training should be given in pass plus, if you don't have pass plus you aren't allowed on motorways (possibly not even duals). To remind you Germany doesn't have speed restricted m'ways and their death toll for m'ways is less than 500 p/a.

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E Etherington

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Sunday 23 June 2013

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Tuesday 24 June 2014

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