Development of an Advanced UK Space Program

This is a proposal for the funding of the development of an advanced space program based in the UK. The focus would be on primary technologies for space development -
- An asteroid Defence Program.
- A nuclear Rocket Program for advanced missions throughout the solar system.
- The Development of a super heavy Lifter for Earth surface to orbit.
- Advanced High tech fabrication.
- The development of deep range manned and automated systems.

With the correct infrastructure and planning start-up costs might be approximately £20 billion, with benefits outweighing costs within some 10 to 20 years.
Benefits include -
Massive boost to UK high tech economy.
Making the UK a world leader in space technology & science.
Increased cooperation with international space agencies and businesses.
The creation of maybe 10,000 new high tech jobs plus many subsidiaries.
A path for integration with current high tech defence contractors aiding in their diversification (eg BAE Systems).

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Robert Lucien Howe

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Friday 8 March 2013

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