Disclose The Truth About UFOs, Extra Terrestrial Entities & There Technology

I urge you to investigate the UFO and extra-terrestrial phenomena.I urgently,and respectfully,request that you 1)Demand and receive a full briefing from military services and intelligence agencies regarding the possible extra-terrestrial presence and related phenomena 2)Support the testimonies of former military and intelligence agency employees regarding extra-terrestrial phenomena.(Many of these employees have offered to testify UNDER OATH - see Dr. Steven Greer’s "Disclosure Project") 3)Formally disclose to the English public the results of any extra-terrestrial investigation including what is known about their origins and purposes 4)Release into the public domain any extra-terrestrial derived technologies which may have been studied and reverse-engineered. These technologies may now be essential to overcome the environmental,economic,and social challenges of our time.I urge you to take these historic actions for the benefit of our children,our Earth and all of humanity

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Phil Hall

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Wednesday 17 August 2011

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