Do not act on small majority Brexit. Hold a 2nd, fairer, referendum.

We the undersigned ask HM Government not to exit the EU based on weak support. We were mislead by incorrect migration and economy figures, so many Brexit voters now have regrets. Hold a 2nd referendum after factual TV shows on the EU and allow 5yr UK residents from the EU, and 16-17yr olds to vote.

With 51.9% majority, 72% turnout, only 37% of the population voted Brexit.

Boris Johnson made false claims that the EU banned bendy bananas. Farage, Hannan, Patel and Vote Leave said, wrongly, that the EU costs us £350m a day. Cameron lied about NHS spending (says BMA chief).

The government deems votes for 16-17yr olds "too expensive".

EU citizens living in the UK for 5yrs can be British citizens, so should be allowed a vote.

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Friday 15 July 2016

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