Do not stop ship building in Portsmouth Dockyard

Keep shipbuilding in Scotland AND England, one yard in each country.

The payment by the Ministry of Defence to relocate shipbuilding from Portsmouth for a private company is disgraceful. This is in fact a politically motivated decision not to upset the Scottish people prior to the Scottish Referendum on Independence. Scotland will now have the Naval Base at Faslane and will retain two functioning shipyards. England will have no ship building capability. This will be a disaster if the decision in the referendum is for Scotland to be independent. Quite clearly BAe Systems is being bribed not to close one of the Scottish yards by the Ministry of Defence footing the costs of relocation and bringing forward the building of three Offshore Patrol Vessel. Shipbuilding should be retained in both Scotland AND England, one yard in each country.

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Christopher Bollen

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Wednesday 6 November 2013

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