Doctors must have more training in Nurition

In England, most people are overweight or obese. This includes 61.9% of adults and 28% of children aged between 2 and 15. People who are overweight have a higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. Excess weight can also make it more difficult for people to find and keep work, and it can affect self-esteem and mental health.

Health problems associated with being overweight or obese cost the NHS more than £5 billion every year.

I want medical schools, or the NHS to encourage doctors to spend time studying nutrition, as well as alternative stress reduction management, moving us away from a society of a pill for every ill, and towards lives of fitness, health, vitality and happiness.

I urge the NHS to incorporate extensive nutritional advice and alternative stress reduction methods in to all GP training.

I truly believe that we can half that £5 billion that the NHS incurs from obesity related illness though empowering people.

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Robert Lockie

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Thursday 20 March 2014

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Saturday 21 March 2015

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