Dog Ownership Licence equal to that of the Swiss Law

For future and present dog ownership licences. The future/present owner to pass dog behavioural training before acquiring a dog. This training to be repeated for two years, monitored by local councils. Dogs to be kept according to animal welfare act. Dogs not in families with children under age of 8. Exception: families with existing dogs. The whole family to train in recognizing dog behaviour, ensuring human and animal welfare. Dog licence/ Tax for dog owners to be introduced. Tax to go to dog bags, bins and to pay wages for solely for this purpose employees. Tax to be staggered according to number of dogs; First dog a certain amount, 2, dog that amount plus 20% etc. The limit is 4 dogs per household. Re-homing centers to inspect monthly the new home for one year after adoption. Dog Training sessions to be yearly. Dogs to be microchipped and psychological tested before being placed. Dogs need to be insured.

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Beatrix Warner

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Wednesday 6 November 2013

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Friday 7 November 2014

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