Dogs should never be left unattended.

After reading today's news in the Mirror, two years old chocolate Labrador was murdered by sick yobs. Killing a defenceless dog is murder and there is no justice and these vile people are just getting away with it.
Dogs are on the rise for being stolen and used for ransoms, dog bait for dog fighting and used for tormenting and abused. Dogs trapped in hot cars
So now I am coming up with a solution, never leave your dogs unattended! Never go to the shop leaving dog tied outside. Never leave dog unsupervise in back garden. Never leave dog in hot cars. Simplest things to protect your own dog will reduce the risk of being in danger.
Can we please please have a new law made never leave dogs unattended to improve the best for the dogs safety as well as dog owners?

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Nicky Thornley

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Friday 4 April 2014

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