Donkey and horse laws

Donkeys and horses are left to rot in all types of weather and it should be stopped. If you do not look after your dog or your cat it will be removed from you as your not capable of looking after it, the same should go for any animal I am fully aware that there are sanctuaries and charities for these animals but still nothing seems to be done. A donkey/horse should not be left outside in the rain with no shelter, to fend for it's self and there is no excuse for ignoring it as it happens right in front of your eyes, it's so heartless that people can just walk past with no thought for these animals. It is neglect! if you neglect your animal you should be punished and the animal should be removed from your care and given to someone more loving and capable of looking after it. I'm currently 8 months pregnant but after my son is born and walking I will be looking in to setting up my own sanctuary as the saying goes if you want something done do it yourself!

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Friday 14 March 2014

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