Don't allow a world war to break out over Ukraine

The crisis in Ukraine is the most serious threat to our peace for decades. The proposal by the Crimean parliament to hold a referendum on rejoining Russia may offer a solution, but it has been condemned by the West on the grounds that the rest of Ukraine would have to agree. Imagine how the Scots would react if told they could have independence only with England’s agreement! Regardless of how we view Russia’s recent actions, the people of Crimea have the right under international law to determine their own future - the same as everyone else. At the same time, de-escalation requires that both sides are willing to be sensible, and not create unreasonable pre-conditions. Britain should be arguing that in principle the idea of a referendum is legitimate. An ineffectual veto, which can only make dealing with Russia more difficult, is not a realistic option.

I'm appalled that the existing petitions here are calling for military action. Do we want to see the end of the world?

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Patrick Hanley

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Friday 14 March 2014

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Tuesday 17 June 2014

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