DONT SCRAP CHILD BENEFIT for middle income familes

The government intends to take ALL CHILD BENEFIT away from any family where ONE parent earns a salary entering the 40% tax rate, but if two parents earn over £75,000 or even more a year they WILL STILL GET IT.

This is UNFAIR and shows how the hard working, middle income family's are being squeezed, And this is when the government is telling us our children MUST stay in education until they are 18. A LOSS in real terms of nearly £30,000 over 18 years for a two child family with One high rate tax payer.

I want the government to reconsider this allowance being scrapped, as it is unfair to again target those of us who pay the most tax and contribute to the BIG society. Either means test it, or find a fairer way to give this benefit to those who work for it.

Thank you, and please add your support to this e-petition. If your a high rate tax payer with any children.. It will be a huge financial loss to you if you don't !!

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Mr Marchant

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Monday 21 November 2011

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Sunday 25 November 2012

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