Downgrade Cannabis to Class C

Whether you believe Cannabis should be legalised or not, surely it should be classified fairly and accurately?

Cannabis is currently a B Class Drug,

It is therefore apparently viewed as being as dangerous as (for example) Codeine, Amphetamines (Speed) and MCAT, other B Class Drugs.

It is also, based on it's classification, presumed more dangerous than Ketamine and Temazepam as well as many other addictive stimulents and benzodiazepines.

Some believe it poses a risk to mental health, others contest this, but even while this side-effect remains uncertain it is classified as more harmful than drugs which proven physical and mental harm.

Please downgrade Cannabis to a more accurate level for it's potential harms.

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Henry Hobart

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Wednesday 31 July 2013

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Thursday 31 July 2014

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