DWP benefits of illegal immigrants &overseas aid to overseas governments can be better utilized in having IT systems tracking ID cards of immigrants

All immigrants should have ID cards & IT systems tracking their activities in UK. By introducing ID cards for all non-British citizens, they are then strictly required whenever a foreigner takes up employment, in education, seeking DWP benefits, getting married, entering UK, leaving UK, having children, arrested, on bail, etc. All illegal immigrants should be in custody. Extra resources should be allocated for more Hi-Tec/IT equipment, border officers, psychological profiling, building extra custody places (at home & abroad) for foreign prisoners & illegal immigrants, enabling foreign benefit claimants to resettle back in their country of origin, etc. There should be comprehensive escalated detailed border entry biometric check on everyone entering UK, even if they are in possession of British/EU passports, EU-ID cards, indefinite leave visas, etc, as they may be forged ones.

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Peter Chuah

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Sunday 13 November 2011

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