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When a new e-petition is created automatically categorise it as well adding the date it was created.

Also make the website user friendly in being able to go straight to a page number, when you use the back feature.

Automatically merge duplicated e-petitions regarding the same subject, removing duplicating signatures to make it a fair e-petition.

Advertise the e-petition so that all legal UK residents know of the system and can put their concerns, suggestions forward that way the majority vote should be taken into account and actioned by Government as this is what the people who are living the UK system really want, but please make sure GOOD OLD FASHION COMMON SENSE, MORALS & DECENCY PREVAILS, stop the mind set of "let's claim for this, let's sue for this" - people need to accept accidents are accidents and that we all need to accept some proportion of responsibility for our own lives and responsibilities.

Many thanks

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Mary Gillings

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Sunday 14 August 2011

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Wednesday 15 August 2012

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