E-petitions - Do 100,000 people even use this site? Nothing on here will make it to the house of commons.

Does E-Petitions even work? It takes 100,000 signatures to get something into the house of commons, but if there aren't even 100,000 people using the site, does that mean that nothing will actually make it into a governments debate from here?

I think there should be a simpler way to use the site, firstly, if an e-petition gets so many signatures then have a way so it can be easily recognised. A bit like this...

0-100 signatures - No interest/Little interest category.
101-500 signatures - Some interest
501-3000 signatures - getting interesting
3001 - 10,000 signatures - highly interesting
10,001- 30,000 signatures- Potentially debatable in the House of commons
30,001-70,000 signatures - Hot Topic
70,001+ signatures - Off to the house of commons.

A layout similar to this would give someone's e-petition an actual chance.

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Monday 13 May 2013

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Saturday 17 May 2014

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