Edited Register RIP

For the law to be changed so that private information obtained for electoral reasons can never be sold.

Thereby the current edited version of the electoral register to be eliminated and Local Authorities (& Government) to be as accountable as other organization to protect an individuals right for privacy and not to be conned!

Currently many local authorities are selling the private details of their residents through the (underhanded opt-out) edited register. It is legal to do so even though it is obviously wrong plus it’s contrary to the view of The Electoral Commission who have repeatedly tried to stop it:

“...most recently during the passage of the Electoral Registration and Administration (ERA) Act 2013. During the Committee Stage of the ERA Bill in June 2012, the then Minister, Mark Harper, confirmed to Parliament that the coalition Government had decided to retain the edited version of the electoral register. We remain disappointed with this decision.”

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Seven Suphi

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Thursday 13 March 2014

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Wednesday 18 March 2015

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