Egg freezing free on the NHS for Fibroid Carriers.

1 in 5 women over the age of 30 suffer Fibroids with the most common being in African American women. Most women with fibroids will not be infertile, but depending on the severity of the Fibroids, some women are left with a number of symptoms from sever periods and heavy bleeding to Hysterectomy.

Pregnant in 2016, at first scan was i told i was suffering from Fibroids. This made pregnancy hard, leaving me with severe cramps and bleeding. Had no choice but to have a planned c section. 7 months after, i was hospitalized due to sever bleeding and dizziness, cramps and pain from the fibroids. 27 and ive had to start early menopause injections because of the bleeding and pain and told no choice but to have hysterectomy. NHS provides egg freezing for transgender but not for Fibroid sufferers.

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Abbey Websper

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Saturday 10 February 2018

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Thursday 9 August 2018

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