We the elderly have served this country well through the years. We all have of us have worked paid taxes and national insurance throughout our working lives and remember we left school at 14/15. So with a minimum of 50 years of working and paying our dues to society, we are not scroungers so why take away the pleasure of having bus travel away and keep threatening to do so. When we listen to Mr Cameron his view takes on a different slant depending who he is talking i.e. tell the people you are speaking to what they want to hear irrespective of the good of the community.

So I would like to propose
Introduce a token fee for the issue of the elderly pass of say £100 per annum (which relates to less than £2 per week) if you want one pay the fee and travel as much every day, every week, every month, every year as you like if not pay full bus fare each time you travel and restrict your activities.

This is all providing that we have buses to travel on in the future.

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