Elizabeth Cross for Drummer Lee Rigby of 2nd battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

Request HM Government to recommend to HM Queen Elizabeth that she award the Elizabeth Cross posthumously to Drummer Lee Rigby who was murdered in a vicious terrorist act in Woolwich. Although this would be of no benefit to Drummer Rigby himself, it would be a source of comfort to his bereaved family, in particular his infant son when he grows up, to know that the nation and its sovereign valued the life of a soldier killed while off-duty through no fault of his own. Drummer Rigby would also act as a symbolic personification of all those who have fought in the country’s wars, especially those in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The award could be made under the terms of the following clause:
“Those who died as a result of an act of terrorism where the available evidence suggests that the Service person, whether on or off duty, was targeted because of his or her membership of the UK Armed Forces.”

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David Wright

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Sunday 26 May 2013

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