Enact legislation allowing 16-17 years olds to vote in a second EU referendum.

The 2016 EU referendum results were so close and 16-17 olds could not vote. This group has the most years to live out of the EU. Scottish 16-17 olds voted in the 2014 Scottish referendum. This group should have a say in a special referendum on the EU. The results should be added to the first count.

Young people have more interest and knowledge of the EU (school curriculum). Young people are more mobile and enjoy the freedom to work and live in the EU (Washington Post, BBC). Young people were more pro-Remain (UK Guardian, Telegraph, Express). The UK Government stopped their option to vote on account of expense (Hansard). Young people have become disillusioned with politics for often being ignored. (social media).

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Wednesday 6 July 2016

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