End war on drugs as it is not working, let's find an alternative way forward

I and the majority of British people believe the war on drugs is failing and should be totally reformed and we the people want the government to finally take notice of our views and opinions by making positive changes to an arcane system that has failed and cost many people their freedoms for lifestyle choices they have made in what our government calls a free society.(also cost billions if not trillions of pounds to enforce to little if no effect). The government should look at Portugal and the states in USA in a positive manner which have choose to effectively end the war on drugs and now turn to focusing on helping these people rather than criminalising them, stop dismissing relevant scientific evidence because it suits you and your sponsors. If we truly are living in a free society then we as of age people (adults) should be able to choose what we take and how and not be sent to jail for this. Stop the governmental injustices the war on drugs has caused, end the war on drugs.

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Chris cawood

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Saturday 23 February 2013

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Tuesday 25 February 2014

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