Energy companies - get rid of "green taxes"

The prices charged by energy companies have spiralled out of control and drastic measures need to be taken.

We the undersigned, are not buying the manmade global warming spin perpetrated by successive governments of the last three decades.

We believe climate change is a natural occurrence and is now being exploited for the sole purpose of driving up energy bills.

Many families cannot afford them and are now living in fuel poverty. Fuel poverty is no longer the preserve of the elderly.

This is unfair and also dangerous, leaving thousands at risk from dying of hypothermia.

The "green taxes" relating to energy companies are no more than stealth taxes and need to be scrapped and the energy companies must be heavily regulated and stopped from deliberately overcharging customers.

There should also be some recourse for customers to reclaim overpaid electricity bills in the same way that bank customers can reclaim PPI.

We have been "wrongly sold" green taxes.

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Kim Gandy

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Saturday 15 October 2011

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