Enforcement Orders, Companies Not Paying CSA payments on time

The CSA had to obtain an enforcement order against my ex husband to collect child maintenance payments.
My immediate reaction was fantasic, no more missing or delayed payments.
Reality is very different, his employer is allowed to retain the money deducted at source from his salary for upto 6 weeks before sending it to the CSA. Bolstering their cash flow and bank accounts at my expense.
I still have to pay the mortgage, food bills and everything else, whilst they sit on the money for as long as they can.
These payments should be forwarded immediatly to the parent with care, salaries are paid immediatly we should also be paid immediatly. If a company wants to sit on the money then they should pay interest to the parent with care at credit card rates.
Financially fragile single parents should be supported and protected against exploitation by big companies not used as a way of managing cash flow.

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Sharon Anderson

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Tuesday 16 August 2011

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Thursday 16 August 2012

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