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England does not have an official national anthem. In most of the national sporting fixtures 'God Save the Queen' is used, although this is technically the anthem of Great Britain. It lacks relevance and an inability to motivate. It is important to note that this is not anti-monarchy. I would like a National Anthem to match that of our near neighbours, Ireland, Wales & Scotland whose comparable anthems both help create amazing atmospheres and at their core emphasise the pride the people of those nations feel when they are sung. When competing as a nation in athletics England use 'Land of Hope & Glory' and 'Jerusalem' is commonly heard in cricket. 'I vow to the my country' is another uplifting and inspiring song that could be used. I hereby propose that we change the National Anthem of England to one of the above and keep 'God Save the Queen' for key UK events and GB fixtures only.

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this is a matter for the relevant sporting/cultural body to choose and decide upon.

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Tim Orford

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Wednesday 5 March 2014

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