English Students Race Discrimination on University Fees

The difference between student support for university fees within the UK unfairly discriminates against English children, when Welsh and Scottish children get government funding to attend their own or English based universities. Effectively this is race discrimination and must be stopped.

It has long been suggested that children are the future, yet if they want to get on and get a decent standard of education with good career prospects, they have to accept upwards of £40k worth of debt before they even start working. The current government mantra is that debt is bad, yet we are purposely loading future generations of English students with ridiculous levels of personal debt. How is this good?

University fees must either be abolished or brought into line across the UK to prevent English students falling behind other UK students in terms of access to higher education, competitiveness in the jobs market and social wellbeing.

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Lee Johnson

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Thursday 11 July 2013

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