A person is unable to go in to a chemist to get emergency EpiPen's which may save a life of a person who suffer from anaphylaxis with out a prescription

In the event of an anaphylactic shock, an EpiPen can be used to stop swelling of the throat and tongue. Without this treatment, anaphylaxis is potentially a life-threatening event and can be fatal in minutes.


I am therefore proposing that the Government introduce new legislation called sarah-jane law to require all restaurants,public places etc to stock EpiPens & be able to administer such medication .that should any person require it.
Also that the government should introduce a card that a person who suffer from anaphylaxis ,can carry with them at all times . And in the case of unfortunate events people can take it to the chemist and receive epi pen's to hopefully save the life of the person who suffers anaphylaxis

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sarah jane chubb

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Friday 20 December 2013

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Saturday 27 December 2014

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