Equal right to claim tax credits for under 25's

Why discriminate against people under the age of 25, by denying them a tax credit allowance?
Many of this age group who do work and maybe live in their own property are not being entitled to equal financial help towards their income and this is unfair.
They eat, sleep and and work just like any other person aged 25 and above, but they are expected to live life less well off, than those aged 25 and over, because present benefits do not pay tax credits to under 25's unless they have children.
It doesn't cost the under 25's less for food, clothes, bills and a roof over their heads, compared to a person over 25, or a person with children, so why treat them like it does?
I believe and petition that young people in work under 25 years of age, should have equal entitlement to claim tax credits, as all those over 25 years of age do, whom are working.

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Created By

Kimberley Stock

Created On

Thursday 7 February 2013

Closing Date

Saturday 8 February 2014

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