Equal rights for all Ex service mens Pensions, and cival Medal awards

Equal rights should be extended to all Ex service men, who served their queen and country no matter when they joined,or left the armed forces. At the moment If an ex servicemen left the armed force's before April 1975, then they have no entitlement to a service pension ,but those who left after that date, are given a service pension, including, those serving in the British army from over sea's.
Equality should also be shown to ex servicemen who served her majesty and their country when ,the state awards medals ,such as the Queens Jubilee medals. All service men, be they Ex service or serving members should also receive the defence Medal, and for those who served during the cold war, they should also receive the cold war medal just as commonwealth servicemen do .
Equality is about treating every one who served this nation the same.

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Sunday 20 April 2014

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