Equal Rights for Fathers in the UK

Currently fathers who do not see their child are treated as criminals, but mothers who prevent the father from seeing their child are not punished at all - this is wholly unfair and I feel that it demonstrates a terrible bias towards the mother and needs to change. I believe the justice system needs to address the current bias towards giving fathers limited access to their children. If a father is fit to see their child, why is it that the courts first thought not to propose shared custody? Why in modern society do we still lean to archaic stereotypes of mothers and fathers? In short, the purpose of this petition is to ask the justice system to make consequences for parents who stop their children seeing the other parent after separations, and to modernise the way we look at assigning custody so that the norm is no longer favouring mothers and disadvantaging fathers. Why should a father’s human right of seeing their child be allowed to be so easily stopped without consequence?

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Stuart Gilbert

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Tuesday 13 September 2011

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