Equal Student Maintenance Loan/Grant For All Full-Time UK Home Students (Excluding Extra Funding), Not Based On Household Income

Students starting courses in September 2013 the lowest student loan/grant available was £3,575 and the highest was £7,177. Currently this is based on your household income. Although this gives those with lower household income opportunities to attend university, students with high household income may be at a disadvantage. On a regular basis these small loans leave the student with very little, or even no money left after paying for just their accommodation which then leaves these students looking to gain extra income, around their university studies which leaves them at a further disadvantage. Although many suggest turning to parents for extra funding, this is not appropriate in many cases as parents should not feel the need to support them.

We believe that every full-time UK home student, regardless of household income, should receive an equal student loan/grant, sufficient enough to cover living costs of accommodation and food.

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Charlotte Orwin

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Saturday 15 March 2014

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Wednesday 17 September 2014

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