Establish, once and for all, the People's right to test, question and challenge Parliament from within LAW.

The British do not have access to a 'Written Constitution' or, a 'Bill of Rights'; nor, do they have the rightful access to LAW, in order to challenge Parliament from within LAW. The British Judiciary, for more than 322 years, has always denied the People of that right; always quoting "Article 9" of the "Bill of Rights 1689", for that denial. For 322 years, the Judiciary has been interpreting the "Bill of Rights" incorrectly. Contained, within that very same Bill, is the paragraph: "THE SAID RIGHTS CLAIMED".
This 'Act', fully establishes the Peoples right to challenge Parliament, whenever Parliament
'prejudices' the People. This petition calls upon Parliament and Government to fully recognize and establish the People's rights, as established in LAW; as fully set out in, THE STATUTE IN FORCE/BILL OF RIGHTS 1689/THE SAID RIGHTS CLAIMED.

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Gordon J Sheppard

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Tuesday 16 August 2011

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Saturday 18 August 2012

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