Establishment of: an English devolved-power legislature; a UK-wide reserved-power legislature; a legal, written constitution.

What I propose is to establish a devolved-power legislature in each of the countries in the UK. Such legislative bodies already exist in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; England should have a devolved-power legislature.

I also propose to establish a UK-wide, reserved-power legislature for the entire UK.

Finally, there should also be an established, legal, written constitution for the entire UK. This constitution should clearly and eqaully lay out the devolved powers that the devolved-power bodies should have. It should also lay out the reserved powers that the reverved-power body should have.

I feel that this system, or a system akin to this one, would reduce friction between the people, and the existing governments in the UK. And by empowering the four countries to govern themselves to an extent, in accordance with the general political attitudes each country has, it may be found that the people become happier and in greater unison overall.

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Kieran Kerr

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Sunday 6 April 2014

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Tuesday 7 April 2015

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