Excessive & immoral company car tax

Sales cannot do their jobs without the use of a car.
IR allowances for use of own cars for business have barely changed in the past 10 years making the use of own car (if you do high milage) not feasible as after costs of running the car, not enough money would be leftover to account for depreciation of the car's value.
It is also impractical in most cases to return a company car to the works premesis each day to avoid the tax, as most sales people are "remote" workers and/or work long hours.
The levels of tax payable for private use of a company car has risen immencely over the same period under the pretence of "environmental" concerns - very little of the extra tax raised is being spent on environmental issues.
No other job is taxed on essential equipment required to fulfil their duties i.e. administration staff for their computers, but most use them to google/twitter/facebook for personal reasons.
The tax on company cars should be reduced, based on business mileage use.

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Vimal Kohli

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Saturday 16 March 2013

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Tuesday 18 March 2014

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