Exorbitant International University fees unfair to be applied to all

All international students get charged the same international fees by universities. This is unfair as there are two categories of university students

1) Where parents of international students live and work in the UK and pay tax and NI (under a visa)
2) Where parents of international students live and work in their home country and send their children to study only in the UK (no contribution of tax and NI)

The Parents who work live in the UK are worse off as they pay tax and NI and still have to pay the high university fees.

The Government should implement a rule that only the (international' students who come from other countries to only study here *their parents do not contribute in terms of tax and NI) should pay the international fees and the students whose parents live and work in the UK under a visa should pay the same as the local students. This is a fairer system.

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Thiru Moodaley

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Wednesday 12 September 2012

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Tuesday 17 September 2013

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