Families Against Benefit Cap

The ill thought of Benefits cap which is being rolled out at the begining of April discriminates against larger families on benefits In this new cap they have included child allowance, child tax credit, Housing benefit, council tax benefit, and any other benefit. Couples and familes are capped at £500 a week regardless if they have children or not. The Goverment should not include the child tax credit or the Child allowance in the cap as it is taking food off the table and clothes off the childrens back. Not all people on benefits are skivers, some have ill health or made redundant. 13,000 millionaires will receive a £1000,000 tax rebate on the 8/4/2013 while the government has taken £1000s back from the poor to give to the rich, Sheriff of Nottingham style, we need a Robin Hood.

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Mrs Susan Davies

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Saturday 30 March 2013

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Wednesday 2 April 2014

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