Fat Prison

This petition is to put forth the idea of a Fat Prison.

Quarterly health checks will be mandatory. Any person who records a body mass index of over 25 will be given a warning.

This warning will be the first caution, advising the over weight person to lower their body mass index to an acceptable level by their next health check or they will be sent to Fat Prison.

Fat Prison will be where overweight citizens embark on a rigorous and brutal regime of getting fit and healthy. They will be allowed to leave the prison once they have reached the acceptable weight limit and have kept at it for a fortnight. They will then have a "Fat Probation Officer" who will monitor them over the next 12 months to see that they don't regress to an unhealthy level.

Any repeat offenders will not be given a warning and will instantly be submitted to Fat Prison again.

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Created By

Scott Jackson

Created On

Thursday 4 April 2013

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Saturday 5 April 2014

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