The Goverment is detroying Legal Aid and without it normal citizens will have no recourse against the overwhelming might of The State. It may well be that you have never been in a court but it does not mean that it cannot happen to anybody! It may well be you have never been in a Police Station but it may well happen to you. What then? Some people never get injured or sick but what if you could not access a doctor or hospital when you need it. There is no difference. We must fight for legal aid, for without it Justice will be in the hands of the current politicians! They don't want opposition. So please petition the goverment for your rights, not some other person's rights but yours. Petition them to at least be able say that you stood up for your future and our childrens legacy! FIGHT FOR LEGAL AID TELL THEM TO STOP DESTROYING LEGAL AID

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Willem J. N. Louw

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Sunday 10 March 2013

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Friday 21 March 2014

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